A new experience

So for Easter dinner we decided to go all out. We decided to go with a surf and turf. We bought some really nice rib eye steaks as well as some lobster tails. Now I don’t know about you but buying and cooking a lobster is one of those things that can be a little intimidating, mostly because of the cost.

I decided to do my fail safe marinade on the steaks. Can’t go wrong with something that has proven to be a winner over and over. Now for the lobster I decided to go out on a limb and try something a little different that I have never done before. I wanted to go with a butter poached tail.

Now I have never done this so I wasn’t sure where to even start. Well where better than a good old Google search. See what the masses have to say, not that I always believe them, but I figured it was good place to start. Luckily I found a source that I knew I could trust, Thomas Keller.

I started out with giving the tails a quick cook in some hot water. Then removed the meat from the shell. While this was going on I made a beuree monte. After pulling the meat of the shells I finished cooking them in the butter. Truly an amazing way to cook a lobster tail.


Along with this we also made some parmesan roasted potatoes and a broccoli salad. All in all I would say this was a great dinner. How I love knowing how to cook and improvise when not sure.

finished meal

It is a lot of fun trying new things and branching out of your comfort zone. One thing I have learned in my time in school is never be afraid to try new things. It still amazes me how much I enjoy learning and how much about cooking there is still to learn. And never be afraid to fail. You can’t make yourself better if your afraid to try something .

Is the grass greener?

After I graduated from school I took a internship at Brick 29 Bistro in Nampa. I quickly learned several things. Just because you went to school for something doesn’t mean that you actually know what your doing. Real world application is so much different than in classroom labs. I was fortunate enough to have had some great teachers to help me realize that. I remember one time in my first few weeks of my externship when the sous chef was having me help him with preparing for a party. He asked me to steam some green beans for him. I had not used a steamer like the one we had and having said that I completely over cooked the green beans. Well being stupid and new I decided to still mix in the onion and bacon mix to the beans and present it to him. Needless to say I got a nice earful from him and he told me to make another pan. Well I could not find any more of the bacon and onion mix so I asked him if I should pick them out and use them in the next pan to which he replied “did you look for more?” I had and told him so and then he quietly took me by the hand like a little kid and waked me to a different cooler that had the mix.  It is funny to look back at lessons learned and I can tell you I have not over cooked another pan of beans!


So I told that story to say this. I ended up leaving Brick 29 for another job due to pay. It was not in the cooking industry but the pay was a lot better and would afford me the ability to pay my rent and student loans. I thought at the time that I would be happy there because of the better pay. But you know the saying the grass isn’t always greener. I am now really looking forward to getting back into a kitchen and with a chef that I highly respect. The same one that I demolished the green beans for! The most amazing part of this is the fact that to take this job I will be moving to Maui. I will be working at Milagros Food Company in Paia.

Milagros Food Company

Milagros Food Company

So maybe the grass is greener in a weird round about way. I am now going to be given the opportunity of a life time of moving and working in Hawaii.

Greener Fields