A new direction in my journey.

When I graduated from cooking school I had always thought that it would be a lot of fun to get into teaching people how to cook. I thought about putting an add up on craigslist and do something like going to your house and teaching you how to cook a delicious meal and then tailoring it to the skills of the person or people that I would be working with. Well I have sort of started down the teaching road and am having a blast. I recently was hired on at Sur La Table as a Chef Instructor’s Assistant and will also be working as a Chef Instructor.
It is so amazingly fun to help people to learn new techniques and styles of food. I don’t think that I will ever get tired of pulling a salt block out of the oven and seeing the look of amazement in the eyes of the students. The people I work with are really great and so far all of the students have been a ton of fun. I honestly don’t think that will ever get tired of this job.
If anybody out there is looking for a fun thing to do or wanting to take a class make sure you head to the Sur La Table web site and sign up for a class today!