Sansaire Immersion Circulator Test

I have worked at some really amazing places and for some really great people but I think working at Sur La Table as a kitchen assistant and soon hopefully a chef instructor has been the best place so far. I have really enjoyed this job and last night proved to me why this may be one of the best companies that I have ever worked for. I got to work a little early yesterday and was browsing through the store and drooling over the Sansaire Immersion Circulator. My store manager asked me if I would like to borrow one and of coarse my answer was a resounding YES! Not 5 minutes later he had marked one out as a demo and let me borrow it. I don’t know of many companies that go out of their way to do cool stuff like this. I could not have been more excited to get home last night and un-box it. While I was opening the box up I felt like a kid at Christmas.

Sansaire Immersion Circulator

Well This morning I decided first thing I wanted to do was to try some eggs. One of the most basic things you can do but with the results that I had I also have to say one of my most delicious experiments. I experimented with a few different temperatures to see what the differences were like. I started with what seems to be one of the most popular ones 65 C.

So let me back track a little bit here. I was curious about how fast it would heat a pot of water to the 65 c that I wanted to cook the eggs to. I decided that I would turn the tap water to cold and start from there. I was really impressed with how fast it came up to temp. I only had to let it run for about 10 minutes for it to get to my target temperature. I have no complaints about the user interface for the Sansaire. It was really easy to use and super easy to read the display.

So once the water came up to temperature I put some eggs in the water and set a timer for 45 minutes. While the eggs were in I decided that I wanted to do some potatoes to go with it. After the timer went off I pulled one out to see how the consistency of it was. Here is a picture of the results. The whites were cooked through but still runny and the yolk was cooked but still super moist and amazingly rich. I decided to do 2 more and increasing the temperatures. I did one at 67 c and one at 70 c. The first was very close to the 65 c egg but the biggest difference was the one cooked at 70 c. That one the whites were more solid and held shape when pulled out of the shell but still a really silky consistency and the yolk was really soft and moist.

65 C Eggs

65 C Eggs

This has really made me excited about all of the other possibilities of what can be made using this amazing tool. I can see myself using and making some a lot of really great dishes. If you want to get one of these amazing machines for yourself you can do so here.

My next thing to try I believe will have to be something meat based. I think I am going to try some steaks and then a nice long cook with some 72 hr ribs or brisket. I would love some feedback on what you would like to see me experiment with!

Cooking Sous Vide- My Quest of Continued Learning

Nothing excites me more then learning new ways to cook, and I have always been really excited and fascinated with the cooking movement of sous vide and the modernist cuisine, but I have not done a lot of it. I have done a few experiments with making spheres out of  liquids but not much beyond that. The modernist cuisine movement is a lot of fun with really cool techniques and some that are becoming very popular such as cooking sous vide.


Polyscience Sous Vide

Polyscience Sous Vide

I am in the process of trying to decide what immersion circulator to get. There are some really cool options these days. Of coarse I have still kicked around the idea of building my own. I would really like to get one of the Polyscience models. The problem with them is the price. I am thinking about getting a slightly cheaper one to start out with. Right now I am leaning towards getting the Sansaire model. It can’t handle the volume of the Polyscience models but really for home cooking like I will be doing with it I probably really don’t need much more than that. There are so many things that you can cook sous vide and it opens a whole new realm of recipes and flavors.

Sansaire Immersion Circulator

I think that one of the first things that I would want to try is doing some soft boiled eggs. There is a great cookbook that I would need to go along with this which is “The Modernist Cuisine at Home“. It has some seriously delicious looking meals in it that I would love to try. I have also found a great site that has a lot of stuff to try and learn from as well called “Chef Steps“. They offer classes and have a lot of recipes on there as well to learn some new techniques.

Beyond cooking sous vide there are a lot of different techniques and methods of cooking that I would like to learn still and have in my wheelhouse. You can never go wrong with continuing to learn different skills in your field of work. The more you know the better you will be at your job. I am lucky enough to have a job where I can get so many cool toys, like the Sansaire, at a great price and I look forward to sharing more of my ideas and recipes as I start to make more of them.

So needless to say if you’re reading this and you have a Pollyscience immersion circulator that you don’t need anymore or want to buy me one I am completely to that idea!


Cheese Making

This weekend I decided to try to make some cheese. I Thought it would be a lot of fun to try something that I had never done before and it would be a good experience. I decided to keep it easy for my first time so I planned on making Ricotta and some Mozzarella. I also made sure that I had some store bought of the same type on hand so that I could compare the difference between them in flavor as well as texture.

So I started out with making the Ricotta. After making it I was amazed at the amazing texture and flavor of it. I could have eaten it by the spoonful.
Next I attempted to make some fresh Mozzarella. I was really nervous about this one even though it sounded simple. Well it turns out that it was super simple and the results were amazing. It was the most flavorful and textually satisfying cheese I have ever eaten. I think the thing that I kept thinking was the endless possibilities of how you could add and incorporate different flavors to it.Mozarella
I cant wait to expanding my knowledge of cheese making and trying to make some different types. I am also really looking forward to experimenting with making some tofu which is next on my list!