A Long Overdue Post

This post is long overdue and for that I apologize. Quite a while back one of my old classmates from Le Cordon Bleu and I were chatting. Turns out she works for a coffee company and offered to send me out some samples. I told her I would love to try some and would write about it on here.
Well as you know things happen and I totally spaced it. So here we go. The coffee is from a company in Portland called Kittridge & Fredrickson. They have a great selection of coffee and I have not tasted all of the ones that I received but so far the ones I have tasted are really spectacular. I received 4 bags, Kenya AA Gatugi Peaberry, Cafe Jondo, New Guinea Peaberry and Cafe Trato.

Coffee Samples

Coffee Samples

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Grilled Octopus on Marinara Sauce

Experiments with Sous Vide Octopus

I decided this week I needed to get my cooking and experimenting groove back. So on my days off I decided to pick up an octopus. My goal, techniques and experiments with sous vide octopus. Now getting an octopus isn’t as easy as running down to the local grocery store and picking one up at the seafood counter. So I got to take a trip to one of my favorite stores, Uwajimaya. Oh how I can get lost in that store. I really need to go in there some time with someone that can tell me what everything is. However I really love shopping there. They have such an amazing seafood department as well as the deli.

Left to Right: Buddah's Hand, Finger Limes, Octopus

Left to Right: Buddah’s Hand, Finger Limes, Octopus

So I grabbed my octopus right off and then decided that I wanted to walk through the produce section. I found two things that I have always wanted to try, finger limes and Buddha’s hand. Finger limes have been something that have always intrigued me. When you cut them open they expose a bunch of little spheres of  flavor delight. Buddha’s hand is another citrus which is known for its amazing scent and the zest is often used in desserts and drinks. Continue reading

Creative Desire

On my day off I spent my day watching shows on Netflix about food. There are some really great shows. One of which my Mom had mentioned that she read about is called “Spinning Plates”. It follows 3 different restaurants including Alinea, which as many of you know is run by Chef Grant Achatz who is someone that I find really inspiring. There is something about his passion and creativity and the way he looks at the whole experience of his food that I find truly fascinating.

But the real question I am sitting here asking myself is, where does the drive and passion come from. How does one get the creative desire to make something different? I think that one thing is the desire to always be learning. That is something that I hope I never lose. But how does one keep that desire alive? Is it a constant change in what you are doing? Is it finding some place that constantly pushes the boundaries of what can be done with food? Or working with someone or somewhere that constantly pushes you as a person or a cook?

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