Kyle Swanbeck

My name is Kyle Swanbeck and I am a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Portland Oregon. I decided a little later in my life to pursue my passion for cooking. It was a great choice and turned into some crazy stories as well as some amazing friendships. I learned a lot of really great stuff while at school and I think it was a really smart decision. I think the point where I really started learning and getting confidence in myself as a cook though was when I started working at Riccardo’s Ristorante in Lake Oswego. I took a job there while I was still in school and worked with 2 really amazing chefs, Alan and Stefan. They really helped me along with my cooking and building confidence in myself that I could handle it and knew what I was doing. Looking back at things I really wish that I would have decided to stay there and do my externship with them. Instead I chose to move back to Boise and work for another amazing restaurant, Brick 29 Bistro in Nampa. Chef Bristol is a James Beard finalist and an amazingly talented chef. I got a lot of great experience working there both working on the line as well as the other parts of the restaurant as well such as catering parties and working on a food truck. The best part about this job was the relationship I built with the Sous Chef at the time. He is hands down one of the most creative and craziest people I have ever worked with. He is now the chef at Milagros Food Company in Maui and I am getting ready to move there and start working for him again. After working at Brick 29 for a little over a year I was having a hard time making ends meet with student loans coming due and rent. I ended up having to take a job for a really cool local company that was just starting up called Page One Power. This wasn’t the kind of work that I really wanted to be doing but the pay was much better and it was a really great opportunity. I have learned more about the world of the internet and SEO then I care to share. I am also working as a Chef Instructor at Sur La Table with hopes of continuing to move up in the company and one day run a culinary education of my own. I have always like the idea of teaching people some of the skills that I know and love so this was a really exciting opportunity for me.  The point of this blog is really just for fun and share some of my cooking experience. I am getting ready for a huge life change with a big move and you will be able to read more about this as the time comes for it to happen. I hope you enjoy reading and I highly suggest commenting, I love the feedback. Cheers, Kyle



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