Another Round of Beef Tongue

A while back I had done an article on sous vide beef tongue. So I thought it was time for another round of beef tongue. Again the plan was to sous vide it to start with. But I wanted to try to replicate a dish I had eaten before.

The first time I had ever eaten tongue was at a little basque restaurant here in town. It was a really amazing and eye opening experience. So to start with I sealed my beef tongue up in a bag simply seasoned with salt, pepper and a little olive oil.

I didn’t want to go to heavy handed on the way it was seasoned because I wanted the flavor of the beef to speak for itself. Once I got it all sealed up I heated up my water bath to 170 F. My plan was to cook it the same way that I did the last tongue. However I wish looking back that I would have gone a longer time. I only cooked it for around 10 hours.

This time around the beef tongue that I got was significantly bigger. If I had gone just a little bit longer I think it would have had a slightly better texture and flavor. Now having said that it still turned out amazingly tender and delicious.

Sliced Beef Tongue

Tongue that has been Sliced

Once I had it cooked, I took it to work with me and ran it over the slicer to get slices as thin as possible. Once I had it all sliced I layered it in a pan, alternating layers of beef tongue and a simple marinara sauce. Once I had it all layered in the pan I tossed it in a 350 F oven and let it cook in the sauce for another hour or so.

Layered Tongue

Sliced Tongue Layered with Marinara

I think I went a little heavy handed on my ratio of marinara to beef tongue. I want to try making this again but next time I want to keep my sauce a little simpler and layer it with a lot less sauce. Either way it turned out really great and just reaffirmed how much I love some beef tongue. Its not just a great meat for tacos, turns out that beef tongue has a lot more possibilities than it gets used for.

I would love to hear what other things you all have done with beef tongue other than tacos! Always looking for some new idea to try!!!

4 thoughts on “Another Round of Beef Tongue

  1. Damn, that sounds good. What restaurant inspired this recipe? Would love to go give it a taste. Only beef tongue I’ve had has been in tacos but I love those non-traditional cuts of meet.

    Also – where’d you get your beef tongue? Regular grocery store butcher or did you have to go somewhere more particular?

    • It was good Thomas. The restaurant I had it in the first time was a little place in Meridian called Epi’s. So worth checking out.
      I picked up the tongue that I got at the Winco in Meridian. They usually have a stash of them in the freezer bins with a lot of the other more typical Mexican ingredients. If you go to a local butcher I would call them first to make sure they have one or will pull one out for you.

  2. Ah I’ve heard of Epi’s! My mother-in-law loves their inkfish dish. I’ll have to put that on the shortlist of places to go try. And thanks for the heads up – I guess I haven’t looked close enough.

  3. Lance says:

    Tongue sliced thin, but not paper thin, mild cheese, pickled onions, nice fresh roll. Now make that a panini. I grew up eating tongue in Basque restaurants before I was old enough to know what it was. I still enjoy pickled tongue, or lengua tacos, or burritos. I sous vide a tongue last year and made either tacos or paninis out of it. If you want to go Mexican, you can saute it with some achiote sauce, and add the pickled onions for brightness. Maybe the idea isn’t too far away from what you have, but that’s my 2 cents. 🙂

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