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I have been super pumped about this company called Cotton and Dust that I have recently discovered. They make some of the most beautiful cutting boards I have seen. As we all know a cutting board is a very important part of home and professional kitchens. I have been fortunate enough to have several conversations with the owner, and let me tell you, this company is the real deal.

They have a couple of big things going for them. One of those things is the quality. They have the unique outlook of wanting to keep a tight control of quality over a mass produced inferior product. It seems to me these days companies think more about the almighty dollar over maintaining a quality product. The other truly unique thing about this company is the “Lifetime Reconditioning Guarantee“. They give you the option of sending your cutting board in once a year to get the cutting board looking like new again. The best part about this is the fact that they pay for shipping both ways. How about that for some amazing customer service! And on top of that, this doesn’t just apply to you, it is the lifetime of the actual cutting board.

So you can plan on passing this down through your family and whoever owns it can still send it back to them to get it reconditioned. A really special guarantee that shows you how much work and care they put into this product.

Cotton and Dust Logo

Cotton and Dust

Lets Talk Cutting Boards.

Well with that being said lets get to talking about the cutting boards that I was lucky enough to receive. Let me start by talking about the box that it came it. It was a box that for obvious reasons is to big. It came in a simple white box with the logo on the outside along with a sticker that simply states “Buy it Once”, also a tagline of the company to go along with the reconditioning guarantee.

It is packed in the box with a product called excelsior, which is aspen wood shavings. The reason behind this is twofold. The first reason should be self explanatory, for protection. The second reason for this is because it has the ability to help absorb moisture and changes in humidity. This does make it a little bit messy to get the cutting board out however if your careful it’s not a problem. And it vacuums up really easy!

Opening the Box up

What you see when you first open the box

There is a simple length of twine tied across both axis of the board with a nice bow tied in it. It also comes with a little packet that tells you about the reconditioning process and general care and maintenance of your new cutting board.

Opening the box

The Unveiling!

The best part of the letter you get is the opening statement, “Congratulations on purchasing your last cutting board”. If that doesn’t make you believe in the product keep reading, you will be a believer before long. Along with the care and maintenance information that you get, there is also a card of authenticity. This has the date the cutting board was completed along with the signature of the owner as the final inspection was done on it. It is the little touches like this that make you really feel special about what you just got.


Cotton and Dust Cutting Boards

Cotton and Dust Cutting Boards

Now for the good stuff, the actual cutting board. So first impressions of the board are hard to explain. As a chef I have seen and used a lot of different cutting boards over the years. However these are different, and in a very good way. Once I pulled it out of the box and had it in my hand I could feel the quality right away. Prior to this I had a cheap chopping block that I had purchased at a big box store. The difference in how these feel compared to the one I had was night and day. They are finished to where you almost think they have a varnish or some kind of sealant on them. However they don’t have any kind of coating on them. It is hard to explain how beautiful the work done on these boards is.

Cutting up Chicken

Cutting up Chicken

Next on the list was to give it a go and do some cutting on it. This was by far was the hardest part, because of how amazing they look. I almost felt like I was using a piece of art to do my cutting on. But then I remembered that it is a cutting board and got to chopping. There is a special feeling you get when you start using a cutting board. The sounds it makes, the feel of your knife gliding on the wood. I realize how nerdy this sounds and that’s OK. I am fine with nerding out on kitchen equipment. And oh yeah, I will admit it, I got goosebumps when I started using it.

Broccoli Ready to Chop Up

Broccoli Ready to Chop Up

I don’t know why these amazing cutting boards aren’t being sold in stores like Sur La Table. I know they would sell like hot cakes there. They wouldn’t even have sell them. As soon as people saw them and picked them up they would be snatching them up. With all of the cheap plastic and wood cutting boards being sold out there it is a shame that cutting boards like the ones being made by Cotton and Dust aren’t being sold or recognized by some of the big home kitchen stores, such as Sur La Table. So lets start something special and toss out those cheap plastic cutting boards and bring the quality back to the kitchen and get yourself a Cotton and Dust board. Lets also get everybody asking at your local Sur La Table stores to get them to start carrying these beautiful cutting boards.

I have had the chance to use cutting boards made by John Boos, who many consider to be the standard of quality for home cutting boards. Let me just tell you, in my experience in using his and now these, I would take a cutting board from Cotton and Dust over a John Boos board any day.

Also be on the look out for another really, really cool product from them that I know everyone will want in their house. No hints on this one just keep a look out for it! So make sure that you follow along with them on their website, here. You can also follow them on their Twitter and give them a like on their Facebook Page!

On a side note. Sorry for the glare on the pictures. These were taken in my kitchen. They have such a fine finish on them that just the natural light coming from my small window caused this glare. It is absolutely incredible. I can’t even say enough good things about these cutting boards.

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