Best Quality Pepper Grinder?

Well I know it has been a while since I have written anything. But I can honestly say that I have been in a bit of a cooking funk recently. However I am coming back around. I was recently contacted by a new company that is making a really high quality pepper grinder as well as salt grinders. Honestly I don’t know if I have ever used a pepper grinder that feels quite like this thing, and I mean that in the best possible way.

So the name of the company is Ellementt. And no that is not a misspelling! I was lucky enough that they sent me out one of the solid black pepper mills. They call this model that I received “The Station Chef”. It has a huge capacity for your pepper corns. There is so much consideration put into these that it will shock you.

Box of the Grinder

Box that the Pepper Grinder came in

I want to start with the packaging. When I first saw the box I was slightly shocked. It didn’t look all that special. It was a nice square box with a big red label of the company logo on it. Once you pop the box open you notice how well it is packaged. There is no doubt that there was considerable thought put into the packaging to keep it safe during shipping. Then you notice that not only is there your pepper grinder but there is also this weird little white disk in the box. That little thing is a tool to pop off the top for accessing the “pepper tank”.

Unboxing of the Ellementt Pepper Grinder

Ellementt Pepper Grinder in the box

The next thing I realized is the weight of the actual unit. It has that heavy duty well built feel to it. From what I have seen the closest thing to plastic in this pepper grinder is the o-rings through out it to keep it sealed for freshness. When you’re holding it in your hand you can feel that you are holding onto one a super high quality pepper grinder.

Let me highlight a few of the features that put this over the top as one of the best and highest quality pepper mills I have ever used. First up is the fill cap. When you pop the cap off you notice right off that there is a heavy duty o-ring sealing it in place. Now the reason that is so cool is because it seals everything in keeping your pepper fresher longer. If that alone doesn’t scream quality pepper grinder I don’t know what does. Next up is the movement for the grinding. There are ball bearings in it, so it has a nice smooth motion that has a great feel when grinding pepper.

The feeling you get when grinding pepper makes you think that the grinding piece inside is also of a very high quality because it grinds pepper like it is nothing. You can adjust the size of the grind by twisting the base, and go from a very fine grind to a nice coarse grind. The last really cool part about this pepper grinder is the fact that there is a plunger at the base. When you set the grinder down the plunger pushes up and seals against another o-ring. So another way that it seals in the freshness.

Base of Grinder

Plunger at the Base with an O-Ring Seal

I’m telling you this is by far one of the most innovative and quality pepper grinders I have ever had in my hands. As mentioned before the pepper grinder is black and has the name of the company, Ellementt, etched onto the side of it. The salt grinder that they offer is silver and looks beautiful in its own right. They sell them as the individual models for salt and pepper or in an “Executive Chef” Combination grinder that has salt and pepper.

Logo on Grinder

Logo Etched on Side of the Pepper Grinder

And on top of all of the stuff I have listed here, I know that there is a lot more at work on the insides that you can’t see. Plus on their web page you can watch all kinds of great tutorial videos.

Seriously everybody you should really check these things out. I think everybody should go out and pick up a set of these. I put my personal and professional endorsement. This is by no means a paid endorsement but they get it! If you are in the market for a high quality pepper grinder then look no further, Ellementt is where it is at! Go buy yourself an early Christmas present and pick one up here. I promise you will not be disappointed with these quality pepper grinders.

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