Playing with Some New Steaks

One of the great parts about living in Idaho is all of the great beef we have access to. Well recently I was made aware of a new source and a new kind of beef. Enter the Akaushi beef, roughly translated to “Red Cow”. This is a Japanese Waygu cattle breed that produces richly marbled and tender meat. What’s better is that it is being raised locally and is grass fed. Lets check out some new steaks and see how they compare to your average steak.

Now how could I not want to jump on this band wagon and get my hands on some of this amazing beef.  Well you guessed it, I went and picked some up. And you can tell by the pictures just how beautiful these steaks are marbled.

Sealed Akaushi Steaks

The Marbling on These Steaks is Amazing!

Now comes the question of how to best test this beautiful steak out. Well of coarse my first thought is to just keep it simple to allow the actual flavor of the steak to shine through. So seal that baby up with just a little salt and pepper and cook it up sous vide.

Now because of the high amount of fat in the steak I didn’t want to over cook it so I am only taking the steak to about 110 F. A lot of times when you see a Waygu steak being served it is rare or raw and served on some kind of a hot plate so you can sear it yourself. Right before sealing up my steaks I set my Anova to heat up the water to the desired target temperature of 110 F. Like any other steak it will take about an hour for for the temperature of the steak to equalize.

Once I had the steak all cooked up it was time to pull it out and sear it off. So I grabbed a nice heavy bottom pan and got it screaming hot, added a little oil and then the steak. Once I had a beautiful sear on it I added in a couple of healthy knobs of butter and a little garlic and started basting it.

Beautifully Seared Steak

As you can see the results were amazing. This steak had a great beefy flavor and was oh so tender. Now during the whole process I had to toss it in the over for a few minutes and sadly the first one ended up a little over cooked. But even overcooked it was amazingly tender. I have one other steak that I am going to try and just writing about this right now my mouth is watering.

Well this was just my first experience with this kind of beef. I am very excited to get my hands on some different cuts and steaks and continue to support a local ranch. If you live in this area you should definitely get in touch with me and I will let you know where to go to pick up your own steaks!

Next up, more beef tongue!!!! Or maybe some pig?!

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