Polyscience wins again!

So as you all know I am a huge fan of my immersion circulators. Well folks I have just upgraded to the big daddy of the Polyscience units. I picked up the “Chef” series. Let me just tell you, Polyscience wins again!!!! This unit is amazing. Not only is the look amazing but the extra power it brings with the heater and the motor is amazing. When I first hooked this bad boy up I used the same 5 gallon cambro container I normally use. The motor on this unit was so strong that it was creating a vortex and sucking in air.

One of the really cool features is that it has controls on both the back and front that allows you to control the rate the water flows. After adjusting the flow rate I was amazed at how fast it heated up the water bath. This was mind blowing!

So lets start with what I experienced as I opened up the box it was shipped to me in. It came in a pretty plain brown box. Once I opened that box up I was greeted by a beautiful black shiny box with some amazing pictures on it as you can see in this picture.

Box of the Polyscience Chef Series

Polyscience “Chef” Series Box

Once I got past that and actually opened the box I was surprised to see nothing but the storage and transport bag. How cool is is that the Chef series comes with a bag! Since I don’t always use mine at home this was a pretty big deal for me. It is a really nice heavy duty bag that has a carry handle and a shoulder strap.

Travel and Storage Bag for the Polyscience Chef Series

Polyscience”Chef” Series Travel and Storage Bag

After I opened the bag up and pulled out the unit, the first thing I noticed was how much different it is from my other Polyscience unit. This one the display is front facing rather than being more on the top. This may not seem like a big thing but it actually makes setting and seeing the temperature much easier.

The Chef Series Unit

Chef Series In All Its Glory!

As you can probably imagine I was soooo excited to actually fire it up and cook something. Like previously mentioned the power of this beast was mind blowing. It is by far the nicest and fastest heating machine I have used to date. I know that Polyscience and several other companies make even bigger machines and I cannot even imagine how amazing they are. Maybe one of these days I will be able to test one of them out, if i’m lucky enough.

First run of the Chef Series

Chef Series Up and Running

If you are still on the fence about sous vide cooking you should message me or come see me. I will show you how amazing it really is! You really can’t go wrong.

Keep your water warm my friends!

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