Pork Loin Experiment

I decided this week that I was going to play around with a pork loin. My original Idea with this was to finally bust out my mooglue and butterfly and stuff the loin then “glue” it before I rolled it up. However I realized that I needed a little consulting with someone that had used it before I just went crazy. So instead I just butterflied my loin and stuffed it with some andouille sausage.

Now since I am trying to expand my knowledge with ingredients I decided that I also wanted to put some mushrooms in it as well. And if you know me at all you know how big of a deal this is. I have never been a big fan of mushrooms. But when I went to school I decided that I would taste and try everything that I could. So I went to my local grocery and picked up some mushrooms. The only ones they had were plain white mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. I have never used or tried oyster mushrooms so I went with them. When I got home with them I cleaned them up and then rough chopped them. I left one whole and fried it up with a little butter and salt and pepper. Just so I could taste it and see what it was like. I was pleasantly surprised by the really great flavor it had. I decided to then fry them up the same way.

Pork Loin Sealed Up and Ready to Cook

Sealed Pork Loin

I put the sausage in the loin then put the mushrooms in on top of it. I proceeded to roll the loin back up and then tied it up as tight as I could. I decided that I was going to cook the loin up at 140 F so I fired up my Polyscience Discovery and waited for it to come up to temp. Once I hit my target temperature I dropped my loin sealed with a little avocado oil and some sliced garlic in and let it go for a few hours.

Seared Pork Loin Ready to Slice

Pork Loin Seared

When I pulled it out it smelt amazing with the flavors of the sausage, garlic and the mushrooms. I decided that before cutting it up into slices I would sear it off in a nice hot pan. So onto the fire goes the Scanpan, and then when it was nice and hot I put a quick sear on the loin and then sliced that bad boy up.

Next comes the question of should I make some kind of a sauce to serve it with. My first thought was to do a port cherry sauce only because I know how well that goes with pork. But I don’t know if I want something that robust that will mask the more delicate flavor of the oyster mushrooms.

Pork Loin Sliced and Ready to Serve

Slices of Stuffed Pork Loin

I decided that I did not want to serve it with a sauce. But in hindsight I should have, it ended up a tad on the dry side. I think this is because I cooked it and then chilled it and reheated it. To reheat it I left it in the bag and dropped it back in the immersion circulator prior to searing the meat. However it was super flavorful, and the added garlic on top of the garlic that was in sausage made it super aromatic and really flavorful. Next time I am going to be using the “Meat Glue” for sure!

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