Sous Vide Creme Brulee

This has been a question that I have been asked several times now. How in the world do you make a creme brulee in an immersion circulator. Well let me share the secrets to this delicious dessert and change the way you look at it forever.

So this is a super easy to do. You start with your favorite creme brulee recipe or you can use the one I am posting at the bottom of this post.

The hardest part of making a creme brulee is making sure that you don’t cook the eggs when mixing in the hot cream. This is a process called tempering. Start off by putting your cream and vanilla and bring it to the point where it is starting to bubble or at least to where you are getting a lot of good steam off of it. Now take your sugar and egg yolks and place them in a bowl and whisk them together to combine them well. Then take a small ladle and start slowly start adding the heated cream while whisking the eggs constantly. Once you get about half of the cream added you can take your pot and start pouring in the cream at a faster pace.

Creme Brulee Ready to cook

Creme Brulee Ready to cook

Due to the fact that these are so rich I prefer to do a slightly smaller portion size, so I use jelly jars. Yes you heard me right. We will be cooking these in canning jars. I fill them up to about the bottom rim. Now a trick that not a lot of people know about is how to get rid of the bubbles on the top of your mixture. After you have it in the jars take a torch and run it over the top really quickly. You will see all of the bubbles go away!

After you have filled your jars you want to put the lids and rings on them. You just want to screw the rings down to the point they are finger tight. You don’t want to really screw them on super tight, just enough to where no liquid can get past the seal.

Creme Brulee in the Water

Creme Brulee in the Water

You will want to bring your water up to 80 C or 176 F. This is the point where the egg yolks will start to set. Because you are cooking them just to the edge you will find that the texture of these are super silky.

We will be cooking them for about an hour. You can go a little longer if you want. I usually go for about an hour and ten minutes or so. After they are done cooking make sure that you cool them down. I try to let them sit in the fridge for at least 12 hours.

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee

To finish them off you can do the traditional sugar topping. I like to do a nice salted caramel sauce for mine but the topping is up to you!



1 Qt Heavy Cream

1/2 C Sugar

6-7 Egg Yolks depending on the size


Heat up heavy cream and vanilla. While it is heating up separate your egg yolks and add to the sugar. Whisk them together so that they are nicely combined.  Once your cream is hot, temper your egg mix with the cream. Add to your jars filling to the bottom rim. Use a torch to get rid of all of the bubbles. Place your jars in your heated water and cook for 1 hour. Chill and enjoy with the topping of your choice.

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