Sliced and layered tongue side by side

Another Round of Beef Tongue

A while back I had done an article on sous vide beef tongue. So I thought it was time for another round of beef tongue. Again the plan was to sous vide it to start with. But I wanted to try to replicate a dish I had eaten before.

The first time I had ever eaten tongue was at a little basque restaurant here in town. It was a really amazing and eye opening experience. So to start with I sealed my beef tongue up in a bag simply seasoned with salt, pepper and a little olive oil.

I didn’t want to go to heavy handed on the way it was seasoned because I wanted the flavor of the beef to speak for itself. Once I got it all sealed up I heated up my water bath to 170 F. My plan was to cook it the same way that I did the last tongue. However I wish looking back that I would have gone a longer time. I only cooked it for around 10 hours.

This time around the beef tongue that I got was significantly bigger. If I had gone just a little bit longer I think it would have had a slightly better texture and flavor. Now having said that it still turned out amazingly tender and delicious. Continue reading

Beef Tongue: My favorite meat for tacos

I decided since I now have a sealer that I can make all kinds of fun things that would have been to tough to do with my FoodSaver. So I picked up one of my favorite meats for tacos, beef tongue! This is something that I have been wanting to do ever since I got my immersion circulator. I reached out to the awesome community at Chefsteps to see if anybody had any good recipes or tips. One person suggested the recipe that I am using for this preparation. It can be found here as well as at the bottom of this post.

First thing was going to my favorite butcher and pick up a beef tongue. And they never let me down when I go to Greenfield’s. I picked up a couple of beautiful tongues. Next up was to gather the rest of the ingredients that I needed.

Beef Tongue

Beef Tongue

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