Finished Corned Beef cut in half

Tough Cuts of Meat

Amazing Transformation of Meat

So over this last week I have tried cooking a couple of tough cuts of meet for longer periods of time. The first thing I did was a corned beef. This was a crazy eye opening experience. I was not expecting such a huge change in texture from cooking this. Now I won’t take credit for the flavor or anything because I did take the short cut of buying one pre-brined from my local Costco.

So I set my circulator to 140 F and started it warming up. While it was warming up I took the corned beef and opened it up and resealed it using my Polyscience Chamber Sealer. I did not add any other seasonings or flavors. I wanted to just compare this to one that had been cooked a couple of weeks earlier that had been done in the crock-pot.

Sealed up Corned Beef in Water Bath

Corned Beef in Water

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Chamber Sealer|The Un-Boxing

To day is a super exciting day for me. I received by far my most coveted piece of kitchen equipment. I just got home to find a huge box on my front porch, and inside of it a beautiful new Polyscience Chamber sealer. I never thought this day would come! So after opening the box there is a huge layer of form fitted foam and after pulling that off the next thing you see is the beauty of the machine itself.

Once you get it out of the box I was amazed at how slick it looked on its own. It is going to be one of those things that if you have on your kitchen counter everybody is going to be asking about it.


Sealer and Box Contents

Sealer and Box Contents

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My Kitchen Wishlist

I get asked a lot what is something that I really want to add to my collection of kitchen gadgets is. I think right now the one thing at the top of my wish list is a Polyscience Chamber Sealer. I currently have a sealer but it doesn’t have a good way to seal any kind of a liquid. Now this wouldn’t be a huge deal but the only way to seal in a marinade is to freeze it first, that being said if you have any ingredient that doesn’t like to freeze aka mirin then you are in for a world of hurt. So if anybody would like to help me on my quest for a chamber sealer please let me know. I will gladly accept any help.

The next thing on my list would be a nice personal fryer. There are so many uses for one on a regular basis. The problem with some of the ones out there is the fact that there is not a easy way to clean them. And as we all know if it isn’t easy to clean it usually does not get cleaned. Beyond that I think the other thing I would really like to add to my kitchen is a induction burner as well as a really beautiful set of Demeyere pans. I have recently had my eye’s open to them working classes at Sur La Table. I had no idea just how amazing of a difference they would make. I can honestly say that I cannot imagine cooking with any other type of pan.They are so beautiful and easy to clean. I don’t know where they have been all my life but after discovering them I fell I need to own a set of them.

Of coarse this is a ever expanding list and working at Sur La Table I get to see and try out a lot of really cool new stuff constantly. You can always find new things and new ingredients that you want to work with. And this does not even scrape the surface if you want to add cookbooks to the list. With my fascination with getting a chamber sealer and immersion circulator I think I need to look into getting the Modernist cuisine at home set ASAP as well.