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It’s funny how priorities in life change. If you would have told me a couple of years ago that on one of my few days off that I would be sitting at home relaxing, I would have told you that meant I had an Xbox controller in my hand. Instead today I find myself sitting here watching “Chef” and doing some weekend reading recipes from a Cuban cookbook. Now that is not to say that I don’t enjoy getting an Xbox controller in my hand and shooting some computer A.I. up, but in all reality I would rather read some cooking related materials.

Old Cuba Cookbook

Old Cuba Cookbook

Also I would have never thought that writing this blog would have lead me to meet and chat with some really incredible people. It has really afforded me the opportunity to really get immersed in the world of cooking sous vide. I am really happy with where I am at, for the most part, in my cooking. Having gotten a job teaching cooking classes at Sur La Table has really reignited my passion for cooking as well as teaching.

So now on this cloudy weekend I find myself looking through cookbooks and cooking text books looking for some new recipe or method of cooking to play around with. Who knows what kind of inspiration you can find looking at books, new and old. All I know is that it is a lot of fun to play around with different types of cuisines and foods and changing up cooking methods. So keep your eyes open to the things around you and you might just find that next great thing. Who knows if that will be a piece of equipment or an ingredient that will spark an idea. Just like after getting to know the people at Little Soya, I have been using their amazing soy sauce in a lot of different ways. Some more traditional ways but sometimes putting it in a dish just to add that amazing umamai flavor that it has, like in my breakfast potatoes or in my scrambled eggs.

Little Soya

Little Soya

As I am sitting here watching “Chef” it is really making me want to go out and buy some more pork shoulder and cook it up to make some Cubano’s and shred it up for some more tacos. So many delicious flavors and things you can do with a big chunk of pork.

If your like me you have a notebook that you use to keep ideas and proven recipes in, so that you can make delicious dinners for you and your loved ones time and time again. It is a worth while investment when you are experimenting with new recipes and techniques. It is amazing how much some simple note taking can improve your results the next time you try to cook it.

Just remember that ideas can come from anywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open to the world around you.

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