Where Has All the Passion Gone

Where has all the passion gone? This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately. I don’t know why I am having to ask this question, but I am. It seems to me, at least here, that there is a serious lack of it. Now I know that this industry can really break a person’s soul and will to cook. But beyond that why is it so hard to find people with passion, I mean REAL PASSION, anymore.


You can’t tell me that I am the only person that spends my free time thinking about food. Reading cookbooks, researching food, and experimenting with new foods and techniques. There is never a time where I have found myself thinking that I had nothing else to learn. This industry is constantly changing and evolving therefore constantly breading room for growth and knowledge.

As many of you know I love everything sous vide, and even with as much as I have learned about it, I still find myself reading new material about it. I just picked up a copy of Under Pressure" by Thomas Keller. This book has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. It is things like this book and shows on Netflix such as Chef’s Table that help reignite passion. I am always baffled when I talk to a chef who has no interest in watching such a great series or can just turn off his or her love of food.

When you are only food focused when you are on the clock, it might be a sign that you are losing your drive or passion.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a hobby or passion outside of the kitchen but you should always have that drive to be and do better.

Why settle to just maintain your current standards when deep down inside you know that what you are doing could and should be better. Let your food evolve and change with the times. There is no need to be afraid of change, it is a necessity to stay successful.

Sorry about this rant but this is something I have noticed and that has really been bugging me lately. I know that I can only control myself. However it is beyond frustrating to try to work for and alongside people that have no passion. I guess that either means I am just in the wrong job and need to move on, or it is time to find some investors and do something on my own.


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